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 Incinerator Project Case

Incinerator YD-30 for Australia

Incinerator YD-50 for Moldova

Incinerator YD-100 for Iraq

Incinerator YD-150 for Morocco

Incinerator YD-300 for Somalia

Incinerator YD-500 for Vietnam

 Medical Waste Incinerators

30kgs per hour&Model YD-30

50kgs per hour&Model YD-50

100kgs per hour&Model YD-100

150kgs per hour&Model YD-150

300kgs per hour&Model YD-300

500kgs per hour&Model YD-500

Medical Waste Incinerators


 YD incinerator is latest design for waste treatment, include medical waste, animal cremation and other solid waste. This equipment quality structural for kinds of site, like hospital, environmental department, animal cremation agencies, etc. CLOVER Incinerator supply updated models with dual combustion chamber, mix combustion chamber and smoke filter chamber with refractory lines, and the combustion chamber temperature up to 1200 deg C.

Items Specification
YD Model YD-30 / YD-50 / YD-100 / YD-150 / YD-300 / YD-500
Main Product List Primary Combustion Chamber
Secondary Combustion Chamber
Mix Combustion Chamber
Smoke Filter Chamber
Incinerator Control Case
Stainless Steel Chimney
Italy oil/gas burner: 02 sets
Oil Tank (if oil fuel)

Supply, installation and testing of medical waste incinerator with a capacity of 75 kg / h gas (LPG) complete with all accessories and consequently with the chimney in accordance with the technical specifications and conditions of public health

A special chamber Holocaust accommodate three burners as in item 3.1.1 and Appendix Chamber of the Holocaust store Nqayat accommodate waste for seven days and all the constructions of reinforced concrete with the processing building, the Holocaust and store all of the wiring and electrical and lighting systems and water supply and sanitation

Provide the building of the Holocaust and waste repository extinguish a fire sprinkler system depends on the source of water from the network, as well as the general location of a fire alarm system contains sensors for temperature, smoke, this system might be linked with the hospital's fire alarm systems

Supply, installation and testing of ventilation system for the algebraic Chamber of the Holocaust and a central warehouse by fans ROOF TOP EXHAUET FANS provide them with high efficiency filters (HEPA FILTER fans mounted on the pull with the rate of change of air, taken 5 times per hour, with streams and the required air Ejreblat

Supply, installation, testing and conditioning unit to separate waste repository DUCTED SPLIT UNITES and a capacity sufficient to maintain the internal temperature at 14 degrees Celsius in summer and Sheta