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 Incinerator Project Case

Incinerator YD-30 for Australia

Incinerator YD-50 for Moldova

Incinerator YD-100 for Iraq

Incinerator YD-150 for Morocco

Incinerator YD-300 for Somalia

Incinerator YD-500 for Vietnam

 Medical Waste Incinerators

30kgs per hour&Model YD-30

50kgs per hour&Model YD-50

100kgs per hour&Model YD-100

150kgs per hour&Model YD-150

300kgs per hour&Model YD-300

500kgs per hour&Model YD-500


Medical Waste Incinerator

Treatment Capacity:500kgs per hour

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  Big size combustion chamber up to 4.0m3 and Internal Dimensions is 257 x 147 x 108cm with feeding door opening 108 x 128cm. This model can be a small waste incineration factory with little amount of budget funds. If end customer use this for farm to burn animals like cow, horse or camel, no problem!

  Do you need bigger Internal Dimensions? contact with us, we make it for you.

Model YD-500
 Burning Rate  500 kgs/hour
Feed Capacity 800 kgs
Primary Combustion Chamber 4000 Liters
Secondary Combustion Chamber 1500 Liters
Mix Combustion Chamber Yes
Smoke Filter Chamber Yes
Feed Mode Manual
Voltage 220V/380V
Power 2.24Kw
Fuel Type Diesel Oil/ Natural Gas/LPG
Burner Italy Original
Oil Consumption (Diesel Oil) 31--59.1 kg/hour
Gas Consumption (Natural Gas) 19.2--64.2 m3/hour
Internal Dimensions 257 x 147 x 108cm (primary chamber)
External Dimensions 320 x 220 x 460cm (without chimney)
Temperature Monitor Yes
Oil Tank Capacity(if oil fuel) 500 Liters
Door Opening 108 x 128cm
Chimney Length 14.0 Meters
Chimney Type Stainless Steel
Equipment Gross Weight 13000 kgs
Operation Technical Specifications
Primary Chamber Temperature 800--1000
Secondary Chamber Temperature 1000-1200
Residency Time 2.0 Sec.
Burning Efficiency 98%
Waste Lower Calorific Power 3000Kcal

1. Multiple chamber type, horizontal stationary cylindrical body;

2. Capacity of 15 kilograms per hour;

3. Diesel-Powered;

4. Burners should be monoblock type with built-in fan, motor, electronic programmer, automatic ignition, fuel regulator, registration and security sensor device for the absence of flame triggering solenoid valve mounted on the easel supply;

5. The system should have ventilation for sweeping previous gases before activating the fuel supply to the burner;

6. Equipped with main combustion chamber and a second chamber for reburning designed to ensure complete combustion of the gases resulting from incomplete combustion of inert gases in the chimney, within the standards recommended by the World Health Organization;

7. Equipped with temperature controller to adjust the air of the combustion of the waste, and fuel flow in the burners of the firing chamber and re-burning in order to conserve power when reached the "stead state" of the combustion process;

8. The control system must also be provided with an audible alarm in case of decrease in temperature. The characteristic of local power is three-phase 220/127V - 60Hz.;

9. The natural circulation of the gases will be induced in a chimney height at least 6 meters and diameter of at least 40 centimeters, so that negative pressure is sufficient to protect the operator from excess of fires or dispersion of noxious gases;

10. Supplied with electrical control panel with thermo-magnetic protection and command buttons; and,

11. Equipped with pyrometers meters/controller of thermocouple temperature with chromium-aluminium, range 0-1200 Deg C (to observe the temperature of the first and
Second chamber and also of the chimney)